Pasco County real property transactions

DADE city

13235 Palmilla Cir., to Kristine E. Cottral with the aid of Craig Weber, $one hundred ninety.”000, 1152014.

37335 Vero Ln., to Carlos W. Castro with the aid of Fred W. Prsnl Rep Heufel & John G. Prsnl Rep Heufel III, $103,000, 1132014.


5700 Catskill Rd., to Leo Vranas by means of Kelly A. Ratz, $128,000, 1142014.

3933 Baden Dr., to Diane L. Schneder & Jerome V. Schneder by way of Leonard L. Judi bola Davison & Verna O. Davison, $seventy seven.”000, 1sixteen2014.

3345 Seffner Dr., to Zannis family unit believe & Zeni Zannis Trustee by way of fairness believe Co Custodian & Samuel Risola, $70,000, 1102014.

4827 Odyssey Ave., to Carol A. sales space & sales space Bradley Engstrom by using Gilles J. Mcgrath & Oriza M. Mcgrath, $forty nine,900, 142014.


7419 Islander Ln., to Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co & Gsr Mtg personal loan have confidence 2007 Ar2 by Janelle Mounger & Janelle L. Mounger, $267.”200, 1162014.

11737 Heritage point Dr., to John Vicario & Linda Vicario with the aid of Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $134,500, 1142014.

13212 Sumpter Cir., to Robert Ardizzoni & Teresa A. Lake by using Kathleen R. Parrish & Marvin E. Parrish, $one hundred twenty,000, 1132014.

7810 Firestone way, to Patricia E. Faller & Robert J. Faller by means of Deanna F. Blechner, $119.”900, 1142014.

13411 Lisa Dr., to Michael R. Miller & Sandra J. Miller by using Michael Brown & Michael Leonard Brown, $110.”000, 1sixteen2014.

13416 Norman Cir., to Timothy gray & Gina retailers through Powell family unit trust & Paul Michael Powell Trustee, $77,000, 132014.

10715 Hudson Ave., to James Thaddeus Duncan III by using David J. Smith & Verna M. Smith, $52.”000, 1212014.


4723 college Rd., to Jeff Marko through Barbara B. Griffith & Maurice E. Griffith, $500.”000, 1152014.

22646 Cliffside way, to Barbara B. Griffith & Maurice E. Griffith via Anthony T. Mannarino & Beth ok. Mannarino, $318,000, 1152014.

8920 Handel Lp., to Leslie Ann Schroeder & Patrick Michael Schroeder by using Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $271.”000, 1132014.

20816 Amanda all rightCt., to John M. Quinn & Pamela okay. Quinn by using Brian M. Baszak & Brian M. Prsnl Rep Baszak, $237,000, 1172014.

7618 Blue Spring Dr., to Tamera Payne by Adrienne M. Nuzzo & Vincent M. Nuzzo, $234.”000, 1eight2014.

24109 Painter Dr., to Carol Ann Mirabal & Garcia Jorge L. Reyes through Christine A. Schneider, $169.”300, 1132014.

3210 Clover Blossom Cir., to Haydee Sixtina Davila & Jose R. Davila by way of Mae Fannie & Federal Natl Mtg Assn, $164.”600, 1102014.

23812 Plantation fingers Blv, to Nationstar Mtg LLC by means of Alan M. Keene & Paula S. As Clerk &. Comptroller Oneil, $121.”600, 1212014.

4615 Canterbury Dr., to Coast Cr Un house through Lake Padgett Est E Prop owners Assn & Triscilla L. Macwilliams, $114.”200, 1sixteen2014.

23403 Boulder Crest Pl., to Kailey L. Sanchez & Raul S. Sanchez by means of 21st Mtg Corp & Twenty First Mtg Corp, $89.”900, 1152014.

6734 Dali Ave .B106, to Nationstar Mtg LLC by Of the usa bank & Caliente apartments Cond Assn , $82,200, 1212014.

19046 Dunlap Ct., to Backed Certificates Asset & Deutsche Bnk Natlust Co via Aqua Fin & Asbel Creek Assn , $seventy one,100, 1212014.


21301 Aaron Ct., to Janet R. Cobain & Patsy J. Gilmore by means of Robert R. Macdonald, $189,500, 172014.

2051 Vista Del Sol Cir. 208, to Bruce Ogilvie Cowan & Heather Helene Cowan by means of Kaufman Sally A trust & Donna L. Longhouse Trustee, $175.”000, 1142014.

24327 Mistwood Ct., to Yolanda M. Duenas & Jorge A. Gonzalez Eiranova by using Barbara L. Bornemann, $159.”000, 1sixteen2014.

21615 Rosewood Ct., to Brandik Scranton by means of Lisa Baker & James W. Bryan, $115.”000, 1172014.

26756 Hickory Lp., to Elpis Holdings I LLC & Elpis Holdings One LLC by way of Steven Robert Fritch, $66.”000, 1102014.


5008 West Shore Dr., to Eva Ackley & Rodney Ackley by way of Sandra J. Thieman & Thomas G. Thieman, $500,000, 1142014.

1600 El Pardo Dr., to Theodore Williams with the aid of Gregory Hovsepian & Marilyn N. Hovsepian, $470.”000, 1152014.

11415 Hidden Cove Ct., to Marvin D. Harms Trustee & Harms Marvin D have confidence by means of Joan M. Porter & Robert k. Porter, $380.”000, 1212014.

5332 Pilots Pl., to Joseph C. Fucci through Susan H. Heidt & Jill B. Locklair, $350,000, 192014.

5124 Glenn Dr., to Gerald W. Rooney & Maureen A. Rooney through Ddmd LLC, $345,000, 172014.

11806 Hadleigh way, to Donna Aloi & Christopher Fay by way of Linda L. Wolney, $320,000, 1172014.

10122 Hemingway St., to Daniel R. Vanno & Sandra L. Vanno by way of Lydia R. Honor & Mark J. Honor, $265.”000, 1142014.

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