Norwegian company launches.”eggs for boys” and,eggs for ladies”

Finn writes, “Prior, Norway’s main company of hen and eggs, has just launched Princess Eggs and Pirate Eggs, to get babies to consume extra eggs.

a friend of mine become quoted as saying: ‘If here’s what’s critical to get children to eat extra eggs, there may be whatever thing irascible with the manner you carry them.

The product per se is as old as the hills, but the packaging is new, and or not it’s a marketing stunt — gone horribly contaminated!

The next product inaugurate: college eggs!Now, there is a facepalm second for you!”

«Det er helt sikkert mange meninger om hvordan markedsføring som appellerer til barn bør være, og hvilke signaler man gir om kjønnsroller og annet. Vi ønsker ikke å mene for mye om dette, som jo er en stor debatt, men er opptatt av å finne et formspråk som appellerer til de vi ønsker å treffe», skriver Nortura i et svar til en undrende forbruker.Blå og rosa egg

– Egg er et produkt som er både sunt, næringsrikt og en viktig del av et variert kosthold for de aller fleste, sier informasjonssjef i Nortura Ellen Flø Skagen til Aftenposten.

Prior går nye veier for å lokke til seg barna Marita E. ValvikAftenposten

Thanks, Finn!

“I swore to myself that if I ever acquired to stroll around the room as daftar poker manager, people would snigger when they saw me coming, and would applaud as I walked away.”

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in the latest acquisition binge around synthetic intelligence, tech behemoths with deep pockets paved the way, together with Google, Apple, facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Twitter, and Salesforce. The just one with a restrained purchaser-facing presence is couthie monitoring enterprise Meltwater.

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Surveillance capitalism sucks: it improves the scattershot, low-performance success-rate of untargeted promoting well under 1 % and doubles or triples it to well under 1 p.c!.

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From wedding proposals to college graduations, there’s nothing obnoxious with achieving for the digicam to catch a unique event, but now and again a photo isn’t reasonably sufficient to immortalize existence’s optimum moments. whether you walked down the aisle or into your first domestic, Strellas personalised star Maps commemorate your largest milestones on a stellar scale. You …

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With the capability to appreciate photographs, curate playlists, and even grasp an honest conversation, we wouldn’t blame you if you concept AI improvements like Siri have been powered via magic. Of route, the fact is that, rather than shamrocks and pixie dirt, these breakthroughs are made viable thanks to developments in desktop getting to know technology and a …

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Ask any IT skilled value their salt, and they’ll inform you that certifications communicate the loudest if you’re hiking the profession ladder. however, now not all certifications are created equal, and the place you come to a decision to get your certification from can have a dramatic impact for your hiring potentialities. Cisco is a worldwide chief of networking solutions …

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